About Us

Erica Burns HeadShot 2015

As my client I will work with you to develop goals to help you finally begin to live the

life you want. Let me know your goals and I will let you know how I can help you

reach them.

Practicing psychotherapy for over 18 years I began to see how connected the mind and

body truly are. I realized that to really affect change we must treat ourselves as a

whole being rather than attempting to compartmentalize each part of ourselves. I

decided to truly help people toward living a fuller more joyful life I needed to assist

others in seeing that connection as well.

Many of my clients have been in and out of therapy for years, but saw little results. With

the addition of yoga therapy techniques many of my clients began to finally make

progress. Even if you have a psychotherapist you like & want to continue to work with let’s

chat about how supplementing your talk therapy sessions with a series of yoga therapy

sessions can find the peace and happiness you desire.

Through Illuminate Wellness I am seeking to assist people toward their goals from a

holistic, integrative perspective.

~The Light in me bows to the Light in You~




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